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What we are doing in church is not working, we need a new approach.

  • The Barna Group found that less than 6% of adult Christians possess a biblical worldview.
  • Fewer than .5% of youth who have grown up in church have a biblical worldview.
  • 80% of youth who grew up in church and leave for college, walk away from their faith.
  • 65% or more of youth list their religious preference as NONE.
  • For the first time on record, fewer than 50% of the US population states that they attend church.

These and other issues point to a shift in our culture away from Judeo-Christian values. The new progressives view Christianity with hostility. This seminar will prepare you and your people to live in ways that preserve the faith and win your neighbors.

WHAT?  These seminars are both a time of teaching and a workshop for leaders to brainstorm how to transform how they do teaching, outreach and practice community.

These are times of learning, then reflection on current practices and where things need to change and how to change them.

Cost  Cost of the seminar involves purchase of materials (notebooks for each person $10 each), covering cost of travel (to and from seminar) and accommodations. Overall seminar rates can be negotiated for small congregations.