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Training, Leadership Development, and Consulting

Mustard Seeds and Mountains Provides Seminars for churches or other agencies to build resilience in their walk with Christ.

  • The Way, Truth and Life Seminar. An eight hour seminar that takes people through a look at the thinkers that shape modern society, and biblical responses to their ideas. People are strengthened to overcome the hostility growing in our culture toward Christianity.
  • Transformational Teaching and Learning Seminar. Research shows that less than 6% of adults who attend church have a biblical worldview. Among youth who have attended church and Sunday School, less than .5% have a biblical worldview. There needs to be a change in how we go about educating those in our churches.  
  • Faith at Work Seminar. An eight hour seminar that zeros in on how to live out your faith in the workplace in spite of rules or policies that constrain overt manifestations of faith in the workplace. 
  • Faith at School Seminar. An eight hour seminar addressing how to prepare students to successfully navigate the challenges to their faith they will encounter within the educational system. .
  • Faith at Home Seminar. An eight hour seminar focused on leaders and parents. What needs to be done by leaders to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders in the home?