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About Us

Mustard Seeds & Mountains is a Christian relief and development agency reaching out to those in greatest physical and spiritual need in poor communities.

Mustard Seeds was founded on February 13, 1992, by Randy and Jacque Wallace with the purpose of assisting the poor in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Mustard Seeds & Mountains is a non-profit Christian Community Development organization (501c3). We are an interdenominational, Protestant mission.

Mission Description

Mustard Seeds & Mountains is committed to working from a clearly stated biblical foundation in its mission and to the declaration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This declaration is expressed in reconciling people to God, to one another and to God's creation.

Our mission is to see the reign of God established in the lives of people, families and communities throughout His world. We have the obligation to discern how God's Kingdom is already expressed in the culture and community of those with whom we work. We seek to make a conscious effort to augment what is already of God's Kingdom wherever we work.

Our Purpose

Mustard Seeds & Mountains is called to be a part of the larger Church's ministry of reconciliation. Within that context we have a specialized call to meet the physical needs of the poor and in Christ's name empower them to achieve a life of greater dignity and self-reliance. We also do development in a way that shows high regard for God's creation. We are committed to meeting people's spiritual needs ... laboring to see them reconciled to God. And we are called to work for reconciliation in the fabric of their community life as well.

We seek to help the poor transform not only themselves, but their whole community.

Our Strategy

At times, it may be necessary to engage in traditional charity work. Ultimately, though, we seek to transform people through affirming their dignity and giving them skills to succeed, particularly through small business development. Our goal is not merely to affect the economic condition of those with whom we work, but also raise up leaders who can guide the community spiritually and economically in the future.