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Why family mission trips are important (1:58)

A Wisconsin family shares about their experience on a mission trip

TV special about Mustard Seeds & Mountains (28:30)

REVELATIONS TV Series (produced by Horizon Media Studios) focuses on Mustard Seeds & Mountains minis...

What do you learn on a family mission trip? (0:47)

A family from Georgia shares what they learned on a mission trip with Mustard Seeds and Mountains

Hope for the Future in Bakersfield (3:47)

Slideshow of Mustard Seeds' ministry in Bakersfield California

Why families need to serve together (1:21)

What is so important about families serving together?

Family Mission Trip Overview (1:14)

A participant shares about her family's experience with Mustard Seeds & Mountains

Gardening Project (2:00)

Gardening Project - How an Ohio family used their skills to reach their community.