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For Mission Agencies

What can you do to become more family-friendly and better utilize families who want to volunteer?

You know how hard it is to get good, dependable volunteers and how much you depend upon them. Their skills and their energy provide valuable contributions which enable you to keep costs down while accomplishing what God has called you to do.

Attracting and keeping volunteers can be a challenge. It’s a set of skills each agency needs to develop and hone to perfection. Wouldn’t you and your agency like to create connections with volunteers who would return in regular service over a long period of time? Think how that would simplify your training and insure higher quality in the work you assign.

Most non-profits are geared for utilizing individual teen age youth or adults in their volunteer positions. It’s important that agencies begin to identify how to use whole families as volunteers.

Mission as Life families expect more than an assignment. They are looking for agencies who can effectively utilize them as a family, allowing them to serve together, while at the same time helping them advance the Mission as Life lifestyle. They are looking for agencies in which they cannot only serve, but receive spiritual mentoring in how to alter their lifestyle to more effectively advance the Kingdom of God.