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Paid Internships

Mission as Life Internships
With Mustard Seeds and Mountains

Gain "hands on" experience in wholistic ministry to the poor.
While serving with Mustard Seeds, such topics as: the culture of poverty, community development principles, evangelism techniques, group dynamics, leadership principles, home repair, praying the work, team work in ministry, racial reconciliation, managing volunteer groups, spiritual growth and warfare, and general servanthood will be explored.

You will interact with local Appalachian families while providing direction to teams who have come to work on their homes.

Experience living out your commitment to Christ in radical fashion on a day to day basis.

Length of Service.
Mustard Seeds offers college interns have two options. There are summer internships or year long terms of service. Summer internships start around May 15th and extend to the middle of August. High school interns serve from July 1 until the middle of August. We can be flexible with times.

Mustard Seeds Interns will receive free room and board and a stipend. Service time runs from latter May to August 15 for college interns and July 1 to August 15 for high school interns. (call us, we can be flexible).

Qualifications For all Internships

Applicants must have a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Application Procedure Application Form
You must submit the following:
Send a letter of inquiry stating why you want to serve as an intern with Mustard Seeds & Mountains and why
you are suited for the position. Include a resume.

Submit three letters of recommendation.
These letters should:
Be from people other than relatives.
Be from people who have known you for at least a year.
Be from a pastor or person who has worked with you and can speak to your spiritual commitment and maturity. (one letter)
Address your character, work ethic and commitment to Jesus.

Inquiries should be sent to:
Mustard Seeds and Mountains Inc.
P.O. Box 686
Northfork, WV 24868-0686
Phone : (304) 862-4643
Email :jacque@mustardseeds.org